Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery In Chennai

A common procedure in which movement is restricted by two or more bones in any part of the spine. This procedure is performed to connect these bones. Place bone-like material or metal plates, screws, or rods to fuse the bones together. Over time, the bones will merge and heal, resulting in a successful Spine Surgery in Chennai.

The most common spinal surgeries fall into two categories: decompression of neural structures and stabilization of the spine. Categories are often combined in spinal surgery. More specifically, there are four common types of procedures that account for about 90% of all spine surgeries.


This procedure usually removes the herniated disc material that is compressing the nerves and spinal cord. A discectomy is a decompression type of surgery.

Spine Surgery In Chennai


Spine Surgery In Chennai

An opening is made over the nerve or spinal cord to relieve pressure on these structures. The terms laminectomy and laminectomy correlate with the location of this opening in the posterior element of the spine and its size. This is also a form of decompression. Spinal decompression and fusion: This is the most common spinal surgery performed in the United States and is performed to relieve pressure on a “pinched” nerve and/or spinal cord and stabilize the spine. During the procedure, pressure is relieved and the spine is stabilized with hardware that locks into the bony elements of the spine. This procedure combines spinal decompression and stabilization.

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

In a sense, this is spinal decompression and fusion. The difference is that it is done from the front of the spine as opposed to most common decompression and fixation procedures which are generally done from the back. As the name suggests, it can also be applied to the neck. It’s listed so often that it deserves a separate spot on this list. Indications are nerve or spinal clamps in the cervical spine. This part of the spine is prone to compression by the nerve structures coming from the intervertebral disc, so the disc is removed, a spacer is placed between the vertebrae to restore the disc space, and an instrument is used to heal the vertebrae together. Accelerate fusion. This is another procedure that combines decompression and spinal stabilization.

Spine Surgery In Chennai

When choosing a spine surgeon, what should you look for?

Spine Surgery In Chennai

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